Short Story Roundup

I haven’t posted an update in awhile because of personal illness, so I thought I’d round up where my stories have appeared in the last months.

First, I have my first story in an actual print magazine! Check out Aoife’s Kiss Issue 38 (September 2011) to read my scifi short story, “Fully Human.” It is incredibly awesome to see my work in print.



Second, I have three vignettes in the Avenir Eclectia shared world project. Take a look at “A Very Important Question,” “Wizards’ War,” and “Cafeteria Duty.” “Cafeteria Duty” was first published in the Avenir Eclectia issue of Digital Dragon Magazine.



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I write science fiction and fantasy, make illustrations and book covers, and generally reside in Geekdom.
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  1. Awesome, Holly! I need to give these stories a read… :)

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