Finalist in Writers of the Future!

I found out I’m a finalist in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest! I got an honorable mention in the contest last year and that certificate has been propped on my desk telling me that yes, I am a good writer, even on the hard days. But to be named a finalist is huge. It has been one of my dreams to make it even this far, and I’ll know in a few weeks if I’m one of the winners. Fingers crossed! (And a big squee!)

About Holly Heisey

I write science fiction and fantasy, make illustrations and book covers, and generally reside in Geekdom.
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  1. Congratulations! That’s fantastic news! There are only 8 Finalist stories out of thousands of entries in a quarter. You’ve made a mark. Make more!

  2. We, the resident forum loonies of WOTF, cordially invite you to come over for a playdate.

    Watch out for the Gator, though, she’s been chompy lately.

    Congrats on making Finalist!



  3. And feel free to bring your Evil Alter Ego along with you! We all have one.

  4. Congratulations! That is an honor I have been working for. You must be on top of the world.

  5. CONGRATS! It’s nice to see someone else in the same boat (too bad there’s only food enough 3 in this boat — so who gets eaten first?). Actually I feel like I’m in a dark room with friends but can’t see anyone or know how to find my way around. I’m pretty new to the cyber-stuff, barely know how to work my new blog. Can you tell me how to connect to the community? Any idea how so many people have found my humble little blog? Help me…

  6. and AWESOME artwork, by the way. You’ll have the inside and outside of your books covered masterfully!

  7. Super congrats Holly! Also very excited to have you stop by our play pen for a while.

  8. Congratulations. I won finalist three times if I remember correctly (a long, long, long time ago when we lived in Texas and had finally bought one of the new technologies, a microwave oven to see if we had a use for it) and never won the entry into the book. So I gave up on it and found out I like writing novels better. I would tell my younger self to keep trying. And so I tell you, keep up the good efforts. Squeeee!

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