The Emperor of Time – Space opera – Serialized on Wattpad - Forthcoming

The Enemy of Time – Space opera – Serialized on Wattpad - Forthcoming


Short Fiction

“Dragons on the Train” - Science Fantasy - Forthcoming in UnCommon Minds

“Something on Your Mind?” co-authored with Gareth D Jones, Anatoly Belilovsky, Robert Dawson, Kate Heartfield, Stewart C Baker, CL Holland, Laurie Tom, and Deborah Walker – Science Fiction – Forthcoming in Kaleidotrope

“The Most Absurd Dance at the End of the Worlds” - Science Fiction - November 2016 in Escape Pod

“Aplanetary” – Science Fiction – June 2016 in UnCommon Origins

“>SYS REBOOT” – Science Fiction – April 2016 in EGM Shorts

“The Tiger’s Silent Roar” – Science Fantasy – April 2016 in Clockwork Phoenix 5

“Power Outage” – Science Fiction – March 2016 in The Doomsday Chronicles

“Sky and Dew” – Fantasy – February 2016 on Amazon

“Contents of Care Package to Etsath-tachri, Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran (Human English Translated to Sedrayin)” – Science Fiction – November 2015 in EGM Shorts

“The Monastery of the Parallels” – Science Fantasy – July 2015 in Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show

“The Artist Fades Away” – Science fantasy – July 2015 in 1st and Starlight anthology

“An Understanding” – Science fiction – June 2014 at Escape PodFinalist in Writers of the Future 1st Quarter 2012

  • reprinted March 2016 in German translation in Visionarium

“Fully Human” – Science fiction – Sept. 2011 at Aoife’s Kiss print magazine

“Cafeteria Duty” – Science fiction – June 2011 at Digital Dragon Magazine

“Wizard’s War” – Science fantasy- July 2011 at Avenir Eclectia

“A Very Important Question” – Science fantasy – May 2011 at Avenir Eclectia