Short Stories


“Scripting Diplomacy”

An autistic diplomat has their first solo mission on a non-human space station.

sub-Q April 2019


“Tracing an Original Thought”

All is not right in gender-free paradise.

Diabolical Plots Year Five April 2019



Love, art, and strange objects in your living from from other dimensions.

Tales from the Canyons of the Damned Vol. 31 February 2019

Tales from the Canyons of the Damned Omnibus 9 March 2019


“The Orbits of Gods”

Space wolves orbiting gods.

Humanagerie October 2018


“Evaluation Notes for Candidates in the Shape-shifter Intelligence Program”

Shifty government agencies and shape-shifting across genders and sexes. August 2018

Curious Fictions

“What We Found at the Edge of a Black Hole”

Things get a little glitchy around black holes. July 2018

Curious Fictions


“Dragons on the Train”

Trains run between worlds, and there are dragons on those trains.

UnCommon Minds June 2016


“Something on Your Mind?”

co-authored with Gareth D Jones, Anatoly Belilovsky, Robert Dawson, Kate Heartfield, Stewart C Baker, CL Holland, Laurie Tom, and Deborah Walker

Kaleidotrope October 2016